Monday, February 25, 2008

I have been Tagged by Laurel~

Yea! I love getting tags, so Laurel thanks, I am responding right now. Oh, and I am tagging Dawnell Midgley, Lisa Anderson, and Jen Butterfield. Let's see those up you guys!!!

20 years ago:
1988-I was seven years old and living in Bountiful, Utah. My mom was pregnant with Beth and I was obsessed with Dumbo's Circus. I loved following my Dad around and being his little stage manager. I would belt out Les Miz at every possible turn and my best friend was Heidi Brown. I was going to Adelaide Elementary and my crush was on.......hmmm I don't remember having a crush on anyone yet.

10 years ago:
1998-Okay, that was the end of my sophomore year. I was going to Lone Peak High School, working on a bad version of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" monologue, working at Wendy's in Lehi, and excited to be going to the Prom with Marty Johnson. Marty and I had such a fun time. What a great guy. I was in "Singin' in the Rain" as a chorus girl. My crush was, of course, Jon Zabriskie. I think anyone who knew me in High School knew that I was smitten. Isn't High School funny that way?

5 years ago:
2003-Wow, this was NOT my finest moment. January-August were really rough months for me. Bad, bad things were happening. But then, in August I was in "Savior of the World" up in Salt Lake and it completely changed my life. I was able to be happy and reconnect with my family and myself again. Plus, December of 2003 was when I met Adam. I would go through the first 3/4 of that year over and over again so that I could find what I did at the end.

3 years ago:
2005-This was the greatest year. Adam and I got married in April, moved to Florida for the summer, moved back to Utah for Adam's last year of college. I worked as a restaurant manager at "Paradise Bakery and Cafe" for that year. Such an amazing job. The women I worked with, Holly and Becky, are AMAZING! They were so supportive! Total and complete blessings.

1 year ago:
2007-This was a wonderful year too. Adam and I started out the year in New York. We figured out a bunch of things about how the acting industry works. We had jobs in Greenwich Village and lived the total New York life. We then moved down to Florida to work on our Equity cards and become full time actors.

So far this year:
We have been getting closer and closer to our Union Memberships. We are preform in shows for children in the morning and do our Equity shows at night. We are also in the middle of trying to buy our first home. Funny thing, people don't think that acting is a stable profession so they don't want to give you money for a home. Silly Loan Officers!

Adam and I got up and went to church. Unfortunately no one else was there. They moved to a new building and didn't tell us. We have to go to whatever ward meets at 9 am since we have to work at 1, so we aren't officially part of the ward. Therefore, we didn't warrant a call to be told that the new ward building was open. So we came home and did the lessons with each other. Then we had a show at 2:00 and a show at 8:00.

We woke up and went to a rehearsal for the next children's show "Seuss". We then went to Wal-Mart, worked out, went shopping for food, finished the laundry, made dinner, and then did a joint FHE with our friend Maria and her daughter. Ahhhhh, days off. Ever so relaxing!

Okay, I want to see those posts, Dawnell, Lisa and Jen!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Most embarassing stage moment to date

Well, it was bound to happen. I have my offical worst moment on stage ever. I talked to my Papa about it and now he has requested that I share it with all. So here goes.

Our story opens on me, I play a ditzy blonde who loves to talk about nonsense. During the course of the scene, I get very excited and start to undress quickly. Now take some deep breaths. I have on a cute, very tasteful and covering slip and some frilly boy shorts. Well, it's the first time working with my costume and it is in front of a very packed audience. I get to my skirt, pull it down and hear a gasp. I had pulled down the boy shorts as well. Down to my knees. I was wearing tights, but nothing else. I looked down, pulled my boy shorts back up and said some sort of flighty thing and jumped into the bed. Believe you me, I did NOT want to come back out from under that bed, but I had an entire song to sing. I just cannot believe that I flashed an entire audience. Needless to say, I have now pinned the boy shorts to my tights and go a bit more slowly in the undressing. NO MORE FLASHING!!!

Ahhhh, the joys of live theater.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to DADDY!!!

So today is a very special day because it's my daddy's birthin' day.

Happy Birthday Poppa!

I wish so much that I could be with you all on this wonderful day. I am sure the meal would be amazing and the company even better. Adam and I are feeling very blessed right now to be able to do what we love and feel guided to be doing as well as being able to be close to family. I do wish that it were my family we were close to, so that at times like this I could share in all of the smiles and all of the jokes and all of the clean-up. I would also be able to give dad a stern talking to about this no birthday present thing. What's up with that? I guess that in the long run, letters are much better. You don't eat them or wear them out and they never go out of fashion, but sometimes I just want to get you a present. I mean, after all of the things that you have done for me, dad, I would love to give you some sort of gift.

One of the many gifts you gave me is a work ethic. I remember so clearly seeing you work and sacrifice for your family. You never complained about it, you just did it. I am only starting to realize how many dreams you changed or put on hold so that you could provide for us. I am so grateful for that. I also remember how hard you worked WITH us on Saturdays. These were my favorite mornings. You would turn on oldies and we would rock out and clean to the music. It was during times like this that you would grill into my brain the type of problems I would be faced with if I really decided to do this acting thing. You would ask me questions and test my boundaries. How grateful I am for that now. I have declined many jobs in the past year and a half without regret or blinking an eye because I already know my limits.

We all know that my talent doesn't lie with the written word. I am not witty like Joe or passionate like Amy or brilliant like Beth or sincere like Jon. But I can give you a little song. Just click on the little esnips sign and it will take you to a folder with 2 Carpenters songs that Adam and I did in one take, just like Karen (another thing we discussed while cleaning). I remember how much you loved her voice and the music she brought into this world. I remember seeing the saddness in your eyes when you told me how she died. Someone with such a gift! Someone who hadn't yet given all she could have to this world. Don't worry Poppa! Because of your example, I don't intend to ever quit or give up. Life changes and priorities rearrange, but I will not stop trying to create beautiful art, beautiful music and a beautiful family. Thank you for making sure I started out on the right road. I promise not to get off of it!

I love you so much!!! Happy Birthday Daddy!
Andrea and Adam

Thursday, February 7, 2008


So here I sit at 1:30 in the morning writing because I am trying to play catch up. Adam and I have pretty much been out of touch for the past week. We have been doing rehearsals from 10-5 and then shows from 7-10:30. And we are trying to buy a house. And do laundry. And work out. And clean the house. And have FHE. And all I can think of is, isn't so great that these are the stresses in my life? I mean honestly, how blessed am I that my big stresses are so simple and easy and really, in the end, blessings? Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a wonderful husband who is already asleep which means the bed is nice and warm. Goodnight!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Jungle Book

So we just finished a really fun Children's Show of "The Junge Book". We love it. We get to dress up and go to "Magic Land" and act out fairy tales and whatnot. We usually have about 200-300 kids there. It is really our favorite job. Our good friend Shelly is n charge of everythin and she has been nice enough to let us have consistent work there. THANK YOU SHELLY!

This is my handsome husband. He gets to play Baloo the bear. All of the kids LOVE him! I do too!!!

I got to be a baby elephant, a monkey, and Shanti, the village girl. I must look extremely ethnic, I keep getting the Indian roles. Must be my dark skin and dark hair.