Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Turkey Day, Gingerbread Men and Christmas Carole

We had such a fun time down here on Thanksgiving. We started out the morning by going to the Ward Turkey Bowl. Andrew, who is just 2, tried to play too. The little guys in our ward were so nice. They let him have his own football (or feetball as Andrew calls it) and he ran up and down the field with them. Really cute. I even joined in and played and got the first touchdown for my team. Shows them to pick me last!!! (In all fairness, I think I just scared everyone. See, I was so excited that I caught the ball that I ran down the field screaming.) After feetball, we went back home and had a wonderfully yummy dinner. It was a great day. I did miss the Walker family Thanksgiving and the giant basketball game, but I was very grateful to be with family.

For family home evening a few days later, we all made gingerbread men. We had so much fun. Andrew was very enthusiastic about it until he figured out that you could eat it, then he got a wee bit side tracked. Adam actually ate that entire cookie!!! I couldn't believe it. Mine is still hanging up as a decoration. It was awesome fun.

This is a picture of my little Crachit family. The guy in the back is Paul and he plays Bob. The girl in the red is Anna and plays Sarah, our daughter and the small guy in the front is Daniel and he plays Tiny Tim. The girl in the center is Jackie and she is the understudy for both of the kids. We have a lot of fun doing 10 shows a week. LOTS OF CHRISTMAS CAROLES!!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


So, here we are! During the mornings we get to do these Children's shows where kids come in and we do a performance about the first Thanksgiving. We start out as little kids and then we take a trip to "Magic Land" and go through time or whatever. This time we go back to England and talk to the Pilgrams before they leave on their long journey to America. It is really fun. Adam sings "Go the Distance" while he is on the Mayflower. When the Pilgrams get to America, they meet the Native Americans (I am one of them) and we teach them how to become one with nature. I sing "Colors of the Wind", we go on a goose chase, eat some popcorn and say Happy Thanksgiving. It is about 45 minutes and soooo much fun. I thought you guys would want to see our cast. And I wanted to tell you all HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Music Man, the Ballet and a Broken Toe

So here we are at the rehearsal, just chillin'. This is just a few the cast members. We are reahearsing at the Musicians Union Hall right now. The picture below is of me (obviously) and Kevin. We play Tommy and Zanita. Now, we are frowning because in this version of the Music Man, they WROTE US OUT!!! We still have those names in the program, but we 're really just the two big kids that hang out with all the little kids. Yes, it is slightly awkward.

Kevin is always entering with the ONLY little boy in the cast because the two of them are the only two boys in the town. Kevin is 6'3" and all I am saying is that it does not look like a wholesome activity. I always enter with the other little girl, who is 10. *Blink Blink Blink*

These next photos of Peggy and I at the Ballet. We really did try to get a good photo of the both of us, but we couldn't stop laughing.

This last set is of my little piggy. I was in church and started getting out of the pew and my littlest piggy decided to stay behind. Ouch!!!!! I thought it was broken, but it started feeling better a few days later.