Friday, March 6, 2009

End of February

I started out this month being lucky enough to get to know this girl. This is Deb. I am getting cross trained into knowing another role in the show, which is tons of fun. She is super sweet and absolutely gorgeous. I love her.

Adam and I got to go to the Osceola County Fair. Our friend, Keith was judging the talent show and he gave us tickets. Here is Adam with the prize winning bunny and the bunnies owners.

Clinton and Din and I were able to go see Stef sing the National Anthem.

Then Adam and I ended our month with the delightful Michael and Kevin. We go to a new restaurant once a month and try it out. This month they got to choose and we went to a wonderful place called Taverna Opa. Wonderful night with great food and amazing friends. So much fun.