Thursday, May 15, 2008

Update (nothing really cool, no worries)

Right now most of my family is in Virginia visiting my older brother Joe and his family. Joe is graduating from Georgetown Law School. That's right, my brother is a genius! I am so proud of him and all of his hard work. This will be the first time he isn't in school for the past 7 years.

Way to go!!! I wish I could come up and celebrate with you!

Adam and I are trying to find hobbies to do. We are in a little bit of a rut lately because we don't have a whole lot to do during the day. We have checked out books to read, we have been working on new songs and new monologues, we have been babysitting our nephew, we have organized Adam's old mission letters, etc. I am running out of things to do. Any new hobbies you all can suggest would be great. See, I am always busy and this past week I have been soooo not busy, it's annoying.

I was watching "American Idol" and they went to Murray, Utah for David A. and I had this sudden homesickness. I saw the mountains and the Gateway and Murray High. Oh, how I want to visit Utah soon. Plus, I got to hear all of the great Utah words you don't hear anywhere else such as:
Utah word Real word
rilly= really
still= steal
closent= closet
clinmate= climate
pellow= pillow
melk= milk
crik= creek
mou'in= mountain
commanment= commandment

Hope everything is going well for all of you!