Thursday, November 27, 2008

New Tag from Laurel!

Okay, so here we go Laurel.

The 8 List.....

8 TV shows I like...

1-The Office
2-Pushing Daisies
3-Ugly Betty
4-Buffy the Vampire Slayer (don't judge me!)
5-Angel (hey, I said no judging)
6-Firefly (seriously, get this on netflix, it's AWESOME)
8-The Simpsons

8 Things I Did Yesterday.....

1-Took Charlie on a walk and potty
2-Performed 2 shows of "Finding Nemo the Musical"
3-Cleaned up the dishes
4-Folded the laundry
5-Went Visiting Teaching
6-Drove to Jacksonville
7-Visited with Andrew, Peggy, Alan and Heather
8-Got Wendy's with Adam

8 Things I am Looking Forward to......

1-Putting up Christmas Decorations
2-Going home for Amy's Sealing
3-My family coming to Florida to see me!
4-Finishing my new headshots
6-Being a mom (no, not an announcement, sorry)
7-Getting Charlie a sibling (also not an announcement)
8-Making caramel

8 Favorite Restaurants

1-Bombay House
2-Los Hermanos
3-Ruth's Chris
6-Cafe Spice
8-Ruby Tuesday's

8 Things I Wish For......

1-Peace (I know that sounds cheesy, but I really do want Peace on Earth)
2-Motherhood (I keep hoping, someday)
3-My family to be healthy and happy
4-Ability to provide for our family through acting
5-Missionary opportunities
6-Healthy knees
7-Adam's healthy back/neck
8-A four door car

8 People I tag:
Beth Walker
Jen Natress Walker
Amy Shreeve (soon-to-be) Keeler
Rebecca Walker
Ben Parkes
Kjersti Parkes
Dawnell Midgley
Chuck Keeler


I am Thankful!

There are so many things that I am grateful for. Most of all I am grateful for my beliefs and my family. Without them, I would be lost. Thank you for sticking by me, for supporting me, for believing in me, for calling me out, for helping me.
I love you!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Good Friends!

Now that we have been down here for a while, Adam and I have made some pretty amazing friends. We get to work with some of the most wonderful people. They are unique and kind and talented, and they hang out with us! We have the opportunity to be with these people every day. Thank you so much for accepting us into the family and making our lives more interesting and unique!
Adam and David Piggot at Rainforest Cafe. Two Bruces with so much in common!
Notice, even the tails are entwined!

Here is the part of the group we trained in with: Melanie (Nemo), Keith (Marlin), Rita (Dory and Coral/Peach), Bert (Crush/Marlin), Din (Bloat)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween Parties!

We had a TON of Halloween parties this year. It was so much fun! The first one is a pumpkin carving party at Robby and Jim's home. Thanks for opening your home to this crazy bunch!

Matt, Corey and Sterling getting a wee too excited about pumpkin guts!

Adam and his puking pumpkin

Me and my pirate pumpkin

This is the group from Lesley Mann's GORGEOUS halloween party. She is an amazing cook and invited all of us hoodlums into her beautiful home. Thanks for such a great night.

We also had an "Office" night Halloween party. Adam was Dwight and I was Angela. We had so much fun at Amy's house.

Stephanie, Dan and Adam with the really cute mummy hots dogs

Steph with her glorious creations!

We had Halloween off, so we went up to Jacksonville and surprised the Daveline family. We were able to do trick-or-treating with Andrew and hand out candy and be with our family. It was just soooo much fun!

More visits

We got to see the beautiful Hancock family. Jen and Mark came down with their five little guys and we got to play, play, play! They certainly got tuckered out. I think they may need a vacation after their vacation. It was so great to see them and get to visit with them!

Just so happy!

I know I haven't updated in a while, but I had to just say Hooray for Chuck and Amy! They got engaged on Saturday, and I cannot tell you how happy I am for them. They are such a wonderful couple. Great people on their own and great people together. Congrats, you two! Adam and I are thrilled for you!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

And then....

This is Josh and Tynan. They came down from Jacksonville to visit us and see our show. Josh and Adam have been best friends since High School and now Tynan (his beautiful wife) and I get to be friends as well. We had such a wonderful time visiting with them and they introduced us to a WONDERFUL restaraunt in Orlando that we will now take you to if you come visit us. Thanks you two!


So then we got a wonderful visit from our dear friend Kjersti! Kjersti is so much fun! We met her at the Playmill and have loved every single time we get to see her!Kjersti and Amy came and saw our show. Kjersti looks great with my blue hair and Amy is rockin' the Chaquita look.
This is Kjersti and Adam rockin' the New York "I am so over this queue" look. Hooray!