Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This is my Abby. She is so sweet and perfect. She was a pain to potty train but now that she is trained, she is perfect. She is that little bit of fluff that greets me when I walk in the door and she always wants to be pet and cuddled.

Thanks Abby! You give our little family a bit more sunshine!
Align Center


This is a picture from my re-shoot of the "Arm and Hammer" commercial. Unfortunately we had to re-shoot because of the tragic passing of Billy Mays.
I was glad to work again with this sweet girl. Brady played my daughter and even though the circumstances were not the best, it was great to see her.

The birthday's

We got to celebrate some fun birthday's this month.

This is Megan. She is our glorious roommate. She plays Nemo in our show and had some troubles with her housing situation so she is living with us. She is a ton of fun and we have enjoyed having her as a part of our family.

Here she is, her hair all curly and she is ready to be 20!
The cast met us at "Menchie's" after a lovely dinner for Meg's favorite treat.
We all love some amazing Fro-Yo! Happy Birthday Mego!
This is a picture from Miss Melanie's Birthday. We rented a party bus and spent the night riding around and going to clubs. Myself and Ashley (the two women on the bottom) were the designated drivers. Always have a Mormon and a pregnant lady available for that kind of duty.

Happy Birthday Mel!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We have hit a HUGE milestone in our marriage. For as long as Adam and I have known each other and dated, been engaged, been married, we have not lived in the same place for very long. The longest place we have stayed before Orlando was 11 months. As of August 2rd, we have reached a full year here in the lovely Orlando, FL. We have also signed on for another year here at Disney. That means at the end of our contract we will have lived in Orlando for a total of 2 years and one month. Amazing. We love it. We have been so fortunate down here to be a part of some many different families. Thank you for accepting us and welcoming us!!!

Adam and I, 6 months after starting to date

My dear friend Din and I celebrating our one year of friendship over shared chocolate.

The dressing room girls in green (not planned)

Visiting Teaching in Orlando is slightly different.