Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy 26th Birthday Adam!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband! I am so glad that he is my same age now. Yes, I did marry a younger man, thank you very much! We had a lot of fun. And yes dad, Peggy made half of Adams' birthday cake without walnuts so that I could enjoy as well. We first went to a Spanish restaurant and had a big family dinner. Not as good as Los Hermanos, but I don't know if anything really will be. Then we went home and celebrated. The next day I took Adam to Ruth's Chris (his favorite restaurant). It was great to be together.

Happy Birthday!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mushy Stuff

Sometimes you just have to sit back and realize how lucky you are. My husband is the best of men and does everything in his power to make my life full and happy and balanced and wonderful. Recently my friends have been talking about all the things that their significant others do that bother them or make them mad. I never am able to participate in those discussions. I am just way too taken care of and loved. He is pretty much amazing. I love you Adam!

Friday, June 20, 2008

A New Life, A New Haircut

Every night I have to get into a wimple and veil for the nun in "The Sound of Music". Every night I have to pull all of my hair back and tie it up and pin it so it doesn't come out so I can fit it in this costume.

Needless to say I was getting pretty tired of doing my hair in the day and then pulling it all back and pinning it. Then it hit me, I was going to have to do this for the next 14 months. In "Finding Nemo", we work with puppets and our bodies are completely covered except for our faces, so I would have to do this for the run of THAT show too. That is when I made my decision. My hair MUST go.

This is me before I cut it.

This is right after the first cut. That giant amount of hair was donated to "Locks of Love".

And here is the final product. I am amazed by how much hair came off of my head. It's insane. But I really love it and it's super easy to take care of. Plus, Adam REALLY likes it, so, how can you lose?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Music Man Take Two

In November of last year I was supposed to do "The Music Man" with the Jacksonville Symphony. Because of contract negotiations and whatnot, it got cancelled 3 days before we were supposed to open and I can tell you that it was a bit of a let down. However, we got to finally do it with the symphony this month. What an amazing experience. It was a 1,700 seat house and a full symphony behind us. WOW. So much fun! Plus, I had some really good friends in it with me so that made it even better.In this picture (me, Roy (Harold), Mo (the Maestro), Laura (Marian), and Jackie (Gracie Shinn)

My Laura and Me!

Kevin and Me (Tommy and Zenetta)

Patti, me and Anna

Monday, June 2, 2008


Okay, so it's not the baby big news, but it is big news for Adam and I. This afternoon we both learned that we were hired by Walt Disney World for one of their in-park musicals, "Finding Nemo". This is great, because we both got hired as full time and we are in the same show. Our contract is for 13 months and Adam will be playing Bruce and some other roles and I will be playing Dory! HOORAY!!!!!! We feel extremely blessed right now. Thank you for all of the prayers on our behalf. We truly appreciate it. We will move down to Orlando, FL in August and so if you plan to go to WDW, try to go after September and we will see you there!